Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dan Brown's New Book; The Big Reveal

After Thriller Guy published the entry below this one, moaning about the fact that Dan Brown's publisher has embargoed his new book, TG received a comment on the post from the anonymous R. This comment was a bombshell. In it, R revealed a big secret behind the book.

TG was stunned. Not because it disclosed the location of the Holy Grail or other long lost object, or uncovered the identity of Jesus' unknown lover, or any critical plot elements, but because it is a brilliant publishing move. And explained the reason for the embargo and several other questions. Which put TG in a dilemma? What to do?

Publish the comment and blow the secret before the book comes out? There's got to be a certain amount of glory in that. Look at Thriller Guy, he's in the know. Would Matt Drudge hesitate even a nanosecond to put it out there? No. But wait a minute, what if R is hoaxing TG? If it goes on the blog and it's bogus, TG may look like a fool.

Except if it's not true, that R just made it up, then it still would have been a brilliant idea for Brown and his publisher to implement. And R, though he presents himself as a simple soul, should be hired as a consultant by any of the big name publishers.

In the end, TG has decided not to reveal the secret. Even though it's primarily of interest to those in or around publishing, it goes against his personal and professional code of honor, the book reviewer's primary tenet: never give away the ending of the book. So here is R's comment, minus the last few words. He's referring to another commenter who asked the question, “Who needs reviews anyway?:

Why, TG, we all need reviews, that's who (whom?) As I obviously do, some folks also need editors. I read for fun, frequently, and confess I am a sucker for "the latest big thing" in fiction. I count on reviews to help me rein in my (natural or marketing created?) urge to buy that latest big thing. So, I'll wait for a few reviews (including yours) before buying Mr. Brown's latest. I just hope nobody gives away the big surprise ending...(Which Thriller Guy has redacted.)

R, if you're out there, e-mail TG at his alter ego's address, and let him know how you came across this information, or if you're just slinging the bull. If you thought it up on your own, TG would be glad to point you to some publishing professionals who could use your advice.

To be continued...

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