Thursday, June 11, 2015

Another Incredibly Exciting Announcement

Before Thriller Guy gets to the announcement, he would like to serve up another factoid in his series
of “Real Words and Phrases Used By Real Special Ops Guys.” This is a public service TG provides so you thriller writers can use snappy terminology that gives your novels that oh so important air of authenticity.

Everyone knows that when shooting a bad guy the “double tap” (pulling the trigger twice in rapid succession without changing your aiming point) is the de rigueur technique used by all the best Special Forces operators. The shots can be delivered to center mass or the head. Once the perp is down, it’s always wise to make sure he is permanently out of the game (how many scenes have we read where a supposedly dead guy comes back to life and gets off another couple of shots.) To make sure there’s no danger from a reanimated bad guy, a point-blank bullet to the forehead is the way to go; this shot is called “moonroofing.” Tuck that one in your lexicon and use it wisely. Aren’t you glad TG is here, always looking out for your best interests?

OK, here’s A. Appel with his Second Incredibly Exciting Announcement.

Thank you, TG. In my First Incredibly Exciting Announcement I informed the world that my new novel The Test of Time, was available for purchase in hard copy fromAmazon. I have now put the book up as a Kindle. You can buy a copy here.

This new book is a good entry point to the series, in that it’s a little different from the first five, though not different enough to put off any of the series long-time readers. So if you’re interested in time travel, historical novels or just a good read, give it a try. If you like it you’ve got five more books telling the story as it has developed over the years.

If you do read it, it’s always nice to put a review up on Amazon, unless you didn’t like it, in which case just keep your opinion to yourself, please.

Hopefully, there won’t be any more Incredibly Exciting Announcements because Thriller Guy has made it clear that he has grown very tired of that wordplay joke.

Thanks again to all the folks who supported the book and continue to support the series.