Friday, August 23, 2013

Allen Appel

Thriller Guy is taking off for a week and won't be able to blog so he has a few suggestions on how to occupy your visits to this site. First, you might cast back into the archives and find any entries that you may have missed. If you're still mourning Elmore Leonard, check out the first couple of entries where Elmore commented on one of TG's rants. If you haven't read enough articles on Leonard's passing, here's an interesting one by a guy writing in Road and Track magazine about how he learned to hot wire a car from a Leonard book... 

Plus, there are plenty of tips in the archives for those of you who are writing or contemplating writing a thriller or any other book. TG is going to soon start his long awaited Sit Down, Shut Up and Get To Work, the definitive work on the subject.

And why not cruise over to Allen Appel's many eBooks as listed on Amazon. TG is sure you'll find some great reads at bargain prices. Start your odyssey into the world of Alex Balfour, time traveler, with Time After Time, priced at a paltry $.99 or if you've read through the entire series (plus the never-published Sea of Time) you can go to the stand-alone first of a projected series featuring the young Abe Lincoln as a detective. Then there are three terrific novella written around the theme of chickens. TG bets you don't think anyone could write about such a prosaic subject and turn out suspense fiction and heartwarming stories of this order.

So have fun in the archives, show your support by reading Appel's fiction, and TG will see you in a week or so.

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  1. Just thought I would point out I have availed myself of these services from Allen, and promptly got a manuscript back (the first several chapters) with notes and advice that, once pointed out to me, was 'Oh of course, or things that I was over-doing - like using - - - and .... ..... too much or with too many ....

    But most valuable, was the over-arcing things missing, the things I was doing right, the things that readers would be looking for (and why), things that publishers would like or not like - and why and so on.

    I highly recommend you give him a test run. For the first time, I feel like those first several chapters are professionally polished and ready.

    Valuable too are the constant reminders to just get on with the writing.