Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Correction and Big News

In Thriller Guy’s recent review of 50 Shades of Grey he stated that after the first big sex scene (which occurred on page 112, not on 120 as he mistakenly reported) there were only five or so more sex scenes in the book. After reading other reviews of Shades, TG has found there were 15 more sex scenes, which is a number significantly higher than five. TG regrets this error and admits he may have been reading rather hastily and hopes that those seeking a heap o’ sex scenes in the novel didn’t pass it up just because TG said there wasn’t all that much more meat in the freezer. (Meat in the freezer? Where the hell did that image come from?) But onto The Big News…

TG is announcing that he and his alter ego Allen Appel have put up a New Website, The Appel Store, where readers and writers can find a plethora of goods relating to Allen Appel, his writing and his rants. At the store, visitors will find a list of Appel books and novellas now available for purchase and access to writing services provided by Appel and Thriller Guy. If you’ve got a book that you want to write, a book that you’ve already written that you’re not happy with, or other writing projects that you need help with, this is the place for you.

Why The Appel Store? We’ve all seen the stories: Unknown author writes book, puts it up on the internet and makes a gazillian dollars. Hmmm, that pretty much describes 50 Shades of Grey right there. There are other stories, though, about authors who have published successfully in the industry in years past and now are rejected because they weren’t successful enough (meaning they didn't sell enough copies) to keep publishing with the big boys, writers who have a large backlist that they put up as Kindles and find new life as eBook authors, tales that fuel imaginations and give hope in an industry where there is precious little hope. But are these stories just anomalies, or is there really a future for writers outside mainstream publishing? Thriller Guy decided to work up an experiment and see what’s truth and what’s pie-in-the-sky. Enter, The Appel Store.

So check it out. Buy a book. Buy a novella. If you need first class help in your writing endeavors, contact us. Let us know what you think. Thriller Guy will keep a running diary of how the enterprise fares and try to discover just how the eBook, independent publishing business really works, if it works at all beyond putting up vanity works. Check it out, there's some excellent stuff here.

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  1. Good luck with the time travel series. Even now, a few generations after they first appeared ( I was lucky enough to read the first printings of the first three), they are head and shoulders above nearly anything in the same genre being published now.