Saturday, December 5, 2009

OK, Tough Guy, So You Want To write a Novel

OK, Thriller Guy has a proposal to make. Those of you who haven't read Anonymous's respons to Anonymous the writer (this is getting difficult. Let's call the guy who wants to write a novel who wrote the interesting post below, Anonymous J, or AJ, from now on) go ahead and read his comment, which TG put up as a post, rather than a comment. AJ wants to write novels rather than doing his regular day job. Fine. He can't seem to find time to “knock out a novel or two or three.” Also fine. But you're not going to knock out anything, you're going to have to write every frigging word, rewrite every frigging word, and agonize over it all. But it's not impossible. So here's the deal.

Thriller Guy will lead you through the hell that is writing a novel. It's mostly a matter of breaking every step down into doable size, doing it, then moving on to the next step. The difficulty usually is, most folks don't know the steps involved. TG does. TG has published, geez, he's not even sure how many books it is now, but at least five novels. And written at least five more. TG knows what he is doing.

If you, AJ, want to really write your novel, send TG a one page explanation of what your book is going to be about. If TG thinks it has promise, he will start you at the beginning and in small steps lead you through the process of writing the book. When you are done, he will send your book to one of the many agents he knows in the business, with his recommendation.

And not just AJ. If anyone else out there wants TG's help, send him an email. Use his alter ego's email address, TG will pick someone else to go through the same process. TG doesn't care if the book is already written or just the germ of an idea. Send a one page explanation of what the idea is and who you are and TG will pick someone else to mentor. Everyone will remain anonymous, but TG will occasionally run blogs about the process and how it is going. The limit here is two people at this point. TG has his own books to write and he can't help everyone. If this works, well, maybe he'll expand the idea.

So all you writers out there who can't figure out how to get a toe in the door, this is it. It's not a matter of time, no one has the time to write a novel, it takes years. But anyone can MAKE the time to write a novel, if they break it up into small enough pieces. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

So let's kick some ass with this thing. If you've got the guts to do the work, send an email. If you don't, stand back and let the others through.


  1. TG: This is an awesome idea. You saved me the trouble of calling 'AJ' a wimp. He's one of those whiners who complain that they don't have the time to write a novel and that their day job sucks to boot. Here's what I say: Stop complaining about your unsatisfying job. Either get a new one or deal with it.
    As for the novel... TG is giving you a foolproof way to write one.
    Put up or shut up, AJ.
    TG has called your bluff.

  2. Haha. I'm no wimp nor a whiner. I just took exception to the other Anonymous who said that writing is just a job. Yes I have a job, but nothing I wrote says I hate it, nor indicated that I didn't appreciate my employment. Make darn good money at it too. But as I said, it's not what I'm dying to do. Again, what I'm passionate about would be writing a GREAT novel. I was already putting up before that posting, and have been working on my story ideas whenever I can - bits here and there every day for months, so I will finish it eventually. I just am making sure that when I invest the time and energy into doing it - and I mean putting a lot more time into it than I have, that I know what will be involved and what I'm getting into. TG basically offered me exactly what I have always wanted - professional guidance, a chance to not only get it done right (realizing that getting it done is my responsibility), but also a chance to get it in front of the right people. This to me, is HUGE, and certainly not going to be taken lightly. Wish me success Bo.