Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ray Banks Again

Just a bit more on Ray Banks and I'll quit going on about him. Heres another review of Saturday's Child with lots of good links to interviews with Banks and reviews of his other books. And now, an offer: I'll send my copy of Saturday's Child to the first person who asks for it. Send me the request and your address to the Thriller Guy's alter ego at and I'll put it in the mail. It's a pleasure to do whatever I can to spread the word about good writers, especially the more unknown ones.

Also, here's a cool little short story by Banks.

And another library story:

“I’ve always loved the library. When I was very small, the Bethesda Public Library was in the basement of BCC (Bethesda Chevy Chase High School). It probably was quite dinky, but it was filled with books, and the librarian there wanted to encourage children to read. So we all got a little booklet, and whenever we read a book, the librarian would give us a brightly colored sticker to put in the booklet.

“This was about sixty years ago, more or less. In 2004, while emptying my father’s house so it could be demolished and replaced by a McMansion, I came across the library sticker booklet, still intact after all these years. But the stickers were just pieces of colored paper, dingy and faded, nothing like today’s glitzy stickers. You had to lick them to make them stick!

“And yet, and yet…. To this day I am convinced that someone somewhere is watching me read—that Great Librarian in the Sky—and whenever I finish a book, I feel a great sense of satisfaction. This has caused me to read and finish a great number of books that were perhaps better left unread. And where, I wonder, are all my stickers?

Susan Hunt

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